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Twin Falls Trail -- Olallie State Park


 We planned on doing a bigger hike like Poo Poo Point or Rattlesnake Ledge for this day, but I had a litttttttle too much fun at Hellbent Brewing the night before and just wasn't feeling it. It was still going to be a beautiful late September weekend so I wanted to do something. We settled on Twin Falls Trail at Olallie State Park near North Bend, WA. I definitely don't feel like I settled. What a beautiful area it was! I was worried about the "water features", like the falls and the Snoqualmie River, being attenuated due to the dry summer, but I was pleasantly surprised. It definitely helps we just had a few inches of rain over the past week. As you can see, you need a Discover Pass to park! There are several bathrooms at the trailhead! Yay! A win for my coffee induced small bladder syndrome.

Twin Falls Trailhead Sign
Twin Falls Trailhead Sign Ollallie State Park. Discover Pass Required!


So, if you're ever in North Bend, Washington, and itching for a hike, Twin Falls Hiking Trail is a must-do. Nestled amongst the thick forests of the Pacific Northwest, this trail offers a 3.6-mile round trip of pure nature immersion. I really enjoyed it, but my girlfriend went nuts for this place. Every square inch was met with "OOH" "AAH" "WOW!".

Lush Forest of the Twin Falls Trail
When you start you're almost immediately greeted by a lush thick forest!

Walking along the trail, you're flanked by towering evergreens, their canopies providing a pleasant shade — a total lifesaver during those sunny days. The ground, a mix of compacted dirt and occasional patches of moss, feels good underfoot, giving that proper forest trail vibe.

New tree growing from dead tree
A new tree growing off the top of this dead tree. Life,uh, finds a way.

One of the prime attractions is the South Fork of the Snoqualmie River, which the trail closely follows. There are plenty of spots along the trail where you can take a break and enjoy the river. Whether you want to have a picnic, chill with a book, or just enjoy the ambient sounds of flowing water mixed with birds chirping, it's a peaceful experience.

South fork Snoqualmie River WA
Relaxing on a huge rock looking down the South Fork of the Snoqualmie River. Beautiful area! I did not want to get off this rock, but more people started to funnel in. Even came towards where I was sitting. The nerve of some people..I could stay here all day.

South Fork SNoqualmie River
Ah heck, why not, another one.

Now, let's talk waterfalls. Even though it's named "Twin" Falls, you're in for a treat with three distinct waterfall sections. The first one's a bit secretive, tucked away in a gorge, making it an exciting find. The next one is close to a bridge — two stepped falls that cascade gracefully. And then there's the main event: a dramatic 135-foot drop. This horsetail-style fall is the kind of thing postcards are made of. Perfect for photos or just standing and taking in the majesty of nature.

Gorge from bridge on Twin Falls Trail
Gorge like area over the bridge on Twin Falls Trail. I'm happy to report that I did not drop my phone in, which I'm always worried about.

The trail isn't too strenuous, but it has its moments. Some inclines will get your heart rate up, but there are also flat sections where you can catch your breath and appreciate the surroundings. The trail is also only about 3 miles so this is definitely a chill day kind of hike. Whether you're an avid hiker or just looking for a pleasant day out, Twin Falls caters to all.

Crashing falls Twin Falls Trail
Cool windy waterfall!

A heads up for the adventurers heading out during the rainy season — the area can get a bit slippery and there might be fallen branches or debris on the trail. Always a good idea to wear proper footwear and be cautious.

Upper Falls Wispy -- Twin Falls Trail
Look at those wispy white flows! A contender for another Bridal Veil Falls!

All in all, if you want a solid day out surrounded by nature's finest, Twin Falls Hiking Trail in North Bend is where it's at. Grab your hiking boots and enjoy!

Felled Tree on a bench
Very rude of this tree. Really could've used that bench. You can't park there


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