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Christmas in the North Cascades

Christmas in the North Cascades

So we live in Washington! But what about the holidays? Well we certainly aren't going back to Pennsylvania this year. We just got here a few months ago and as I'm looking are 500-600+ dollars just to fly in to Philadelphia. We would then have to drive from there for even longer!  Instead we're going to stay in Washington this year, because it's beautiful and...why not?

We don't really go crazy over Christmas. I have my reservations with the holiday season in general with its hyper obligate consumerism and product consumption, but that's for another day. We decided to rent a cabin in the Cascades and chill out for a few days over the holiday weekend. 

Wrangler Cabin at Christmastime
Wrangler Cabin at Ovenells all christmassed up


We decided on a familiar place. A place we stayed in the past as tourists to the area! Ovenell's Heritage Inn is situated on the Double O cattle ranch in Concrete, WA and has some quaint little cabins to stay in and soak in the cascades. On a clear day you can even see Mt Baker! They even allow you to buy their own meats which we tried back in 2022 when we were here as tourists. When we stayed here back in 2022 I loved waking up to cows nearly at our back door! 

Ovenells Cows -- Double O Ranch


We bought ribs and brought them back to our cabin. Good lord was it a disaster. Maybe I'm too much of a 'city slicker'. I struggled to get the charcoal that we had in the cabin lit. A little charcoal fluid might have helped but we didn't have that. Only matches. I decided to move the ribs into the oven determined to make something. We had nothing in the cabin and didn't buy much at the store. I'm not entirely sure why. So I tried to come up with something using ingredients we had on hand to make the ribs more interesting. This involved me melting down the chocolate from Chukar Cherries we had and trying to make a chocolate sauce to put on the ribs. Why am I like this? It was terrible. The ribs turned out terrible. And I settled for eating chips for dinner..... I was determined to do better this time