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Voodoo Brewing -- State College

Voodoo Brewing -- State College

I wish this place was here when I was a student! I make the trek back up to State College every few months partially just to go to Voodoo. Their beers are good, but I love being able to grab a beer and sit by the water. I've only ever been to the State College location, as well as the newer Scranton location. I've never been to the more OG Western PA locations in Meadville and Pittsburgh.

Voodoo Brewing State College does not have food themselves, but they are connected to Maine Bay and Berry who kindly serve up food for Voodoo customers. Get a lobster roll or Mahi Mahi tacos!

Voodoo Brewing on Slab Cabin Run
Voodoo by the water in State College


Voodoo Brewing Company is a craft brewery founded in 2005 and based in Meadville, Pennsylvania. The brewery has garnered attention for its innovative and diverse range of beers. They offer a variety of styles, including IPAs, stouts, and barrel-aged beers, among others. The brewery is also known for its unique branding and packaging, which often draws people in, including funny beer names, memes, and nostalgia. Sometimes the names reference such an obscure meme or joke that it takes me awhile to get it. Like the beer "They're Good Hops Brent". It took me forever to realize it was referencing the meme They're Good Dogs Brent. Thankfully, I understood references such as their beer Porkchop Sandwiches
and Wynona's Big Brown Ale...I'm assuming a reference to Primus??

Voodoo Brewing has earned a number of awards and recognitions for its beers, which are distributed in various states. Their approach often includes experimental techniques and a dedication to quality that has helped them stand out in the competitive craft beer market. 

Chairs set up by the water at Vooodoo
Voodoo Brewing State College outside

Taprooms and Locations

Over the years, Voodoo Brewing has expanded its footprint beyond its original Meadville location. Some craft breweries opt for broad distribution without local taprooms, but Voodoo has invested in building community spaces where fans can experience the beers directly from the source. These taprooms often offer a range of Voodoo's beers on tap, including limited releases and special brews not available elsewhere. Some of the locations are wholly owned by Voodoo Brewing, but in the past few years Voodoo has been aggressively marketing for the opportunity to franchise in order to spread across the country. Although from PA, there is now a Voodoo Franchise opening in Reno, Nevada, among many others. 

Voodoo Brewing State College and Slab Cabin Run
Sitting by the water, Slab Cabin Run, at Voodoo State College. Not using that funky cool drink holder on the right for some reason!

Seasonal and Limited Releases


Like many craft breweries, Voodoo often produces seasonal and limited-release beers. These may be variations on their standard lineup, infused with seasonal ingredients, or entirely new creations designed to push the boundaries of what beer can be. Limited releases also create a sense of urgency and excitement among fans of the brand, which can drive both visits to the taprooms and sales of packaged beer.

More Slab Cabin Run
What's not to love? I've sat out here in the rain before even!


Barrel-Aging Program

Voodoo Brewing has been noted for its robust barrel-aging program.

Voodoo Brewing Company's reputation significantly changed with the release of their Barrel Room Collection I (BRC). Before this, they were known for two barrel-aged stouts, Black Magick, but lacked significant hype due to their wide availability. The BRC's introduction, during an expansion of their barrel program, drew unprecedented attention, with fans lining up more than a day in advance for the release.

This enthusiasm, however, led to overcrowding and service issues at the brewery. To address these problems, Voodoo made subsequent BRC releases surprise events, with no prior announcement. This approach prioritized local and regular customers, ensuring they had better access to these highly sought-after beers.

By 2017, Voodoo continued to release their BRC, with beers aging 14-20 months in barrels to achieve desired complexity. Despite debates over the optimal barrel-aging time, these releases, like BRC V, were highly successful and often sold out quickly.


Collaborations and Community Involvement

Craft breweries often collaborate with other breweries, local businesses, and even their own customers to produce special brews. Voodoo Brewing is no exception. Through collaborations, they not only create unique products but also strengthen their ties to the community and the broader craft beer industry.

Sustainability Practices

While I don't have specific information on Voodoo Brewing's sustainability practices, it's worth noting that many craft breweries are increasingly focusing on sustainable and environmentally friendly operations, from sourcing ingredients locally to minimizing waste.