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Warwick Farm Brewing


There's nothing better than a brewery in the Philadelphia suburbs. Seriously. There are so many insanely good breweries within an hour of Philly its crazy. Warwick Farm Brewing in Jamison, Pennsylvania is no sexception. Warwick Farm Brewing is a 22-acre estate offering breathtaking views of one of the area's oldest golf courses, Neshaminy Valley. This family-owned brewery combines a passion for artisanal beer with a commitment to sustainable farming practices, providing an awesome place to hang out, and awesome brews.

Warwick Farm Brewing bustling taproom on a Saturday
A busy 70 degree Saturday at the Warwick Farm taproom

The estate's 1,200 square-foot brewing facility is equipped with a 7 BBL brewing system and fifteen fermenters, where an array of creative beer styles are crafted using locally-grown and locally-sourced ingredients. The 5,000 square-foot tasting room is a recent addition to the facility, providing a cozy, all-season space for guests to enjoy their favorite brews while taking in views of the outdoor beer garden and hop fields. I saw far too many children running through the hops. They really need to clamp down on the children running around here!

Warwick Farm Brewing takes pride in their hop cultivation, growing at least four varietals each season (Cascade, Chinook, Centennial, and Comet), which are used to create a limited-run wet hop IPA. The brewery also demonstrates its commitment to sustainability by repurposing spent grains as animal feed for local farms or turning them into compost to enrich the soil.

Future expansion plans for the farm include the establishment of a small fruit tree orchard, berry patches, herb gardens, and a space for honey production. The upcoming construction of an underground sour cellar will provide the perfect environment for aging their fruit-based brews.

In addition to the delicious craft beers on offer, visitors to Warwick Farm Brewing can enjoy a rotating selection of food trucks, providing tasty treats to complement their favorite brews. With its beautiful setting, commitment to sustainability, and exceptional craft beer offerings, Warwick Farm Brewing is a must-visit destination for any beer enthusiast or eco-conscious traveler.

They have a cozy indoor section, but they have a massive outdoor space as well. There are tons of tables and chairs, but in my experience, on a beautiful weather weekend...THEY WILL BE TAKEN. We brought our own camping chairs, and you can sit wherever you want on the property. 

We chose to sit against the fence away from all the noise of the crowd. It's a busy happening place! Insanely good beer though! I believe this was Triple Electric Countach.

Warwick Farm Brewing Wetland
A view beyond the fence in the...wetland? A worker had to come out and yell at kids for playing around in and near here. Ughh


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