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Dogfish Head Brewing


Vintage Dogfish Head truck
Old-School Dogfish Head truck outside of the brewery

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery is an American brewery founded in 1995 by Sam Calagione in Milton, Delaware. The brewery is well-known for its experimental and creative approach to brewing, often using unconventional ingredients and methods to produce a wide range of unique beer styles. Dogfish Head has built a reputation for crafting "off-centered ales for off-centered people," which has resonated with beer enthusiasts worldwide. Dogfish Head were integral in pushing craft beer forward in the late 90s and 00s. Love them or hate them, Dogfish Head has a huge footprint in the beer scene. 

Dogfish Head Glass and IPA

Some of the most popular and notable beers from Dogfish Head include:

60 Minute IPA: A continuously hopped, India Pale Ale with a bold, citrusy hop character.

90 Minute IPA: An Imperial IPA with a strong malt backbone, balanced by an intense hop profile. This was my very first beer. I hated it. I do not recommend this as a first beer. With my more refined palate, I can say this is still one of the top mainstream imperial IPAs out there. 

SeaQuench Ale: A session sour ale brewed with lime peel, black limes, and sea salt. This beer is a blend of three styles: Kolsch, Gose, and Berliner Weisse.

Midas Touch: An ancient ale inspired by a 2,700-year-old recipe discovered in the tomb of King Midas, brewed with barley, honey, white Muscat grapes, and saffron. They almost never make this anymore and it pains me. I loved this beer when I was first starting out in the craft beer world. 

In addition to the brewery, Dogfish Head also operates a distillery, producing various spirits, as well as the Dogfish Inn, a beer-themed hotel in Lewes, Delaware. I personally have stayed at the Dogfish Inn before. It was fun! I didn't see it, but I heard Sam Caligione shows up to the fire pits sometimes. 

The company has a strong commitment to environmental sustainability and supports various charitable initiatives. 

I will say, I'm not a huge gin person, but their Compelling Gin is quite good. I bought a bottle the first time I had it. You can also do cocktail flights at the brewery as well, yes cocktail flights. The cocktails are made with their distillery's spirits. Many of their cocktails are premixed and on draught.

The Dogfish Head "Steampunk Treehouse" outside of the brewery. It's mostly 
for employees only. Though I swear I've seen a tour go up there before...

If you're visiting Delaware or are a fan of innovative and unique craft beers, a visit to Dogfish Head Craft Brewery should be on your list of places to check out. They offer brewery tours, tastings, and a chance to learn more about their creative brewing process. 

There is a very small food list, usually personal pizzas and sandwiches. 


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