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Cushwa Brewing


In the saturated world of craft beer, Cushwa Brewing Co. in Williamsport, Maryland, stands out as a beacon of innovation and passion. Not to be confused with Williamsport, Pennsylvania where there are other great breweries such as New Trail. 

Established by a trio of friends with diverse backgrounds, Cushwa has quickly become a favorite among beer enthusiasts, myself included! I shamelessly use and enjoy using the Untappd app. I found out about Cushwa by searching highest rated breweries within 70 miles. Cushwa was right on the border of that. It is an easy straight-shot down I-81 from Harrisburg, PA, so why not? It's a nice little one hour trip to a great brewery. 

I can't properly explain why, maybe it's the focus on NEIPAs, stouts, and fruited sours, but Cushwa reminds a bit of Ever Grain in Camp Hill, PA. My all time favorite Central PA brewery. They've done collaborations before so I'm not totally off on that one!

Cushwa Painted on the Wall of Cushwa Brewing

Cushwa's Founding and Philosophy 

Garrett Chambers, Marcus Thomas, and Scott Coleman, each with a unique professional background, founded Cushwa Brewing Co. Their collective journey from home brewing to establishing a successful microbrewery is a testament to their dedication and love for craft beer. They chose Williamsport, a spot rich in history and community spirit, to bring their vision to life. The founding ethos was simple yet profound: create exceptional beer and foster a community around it.

The Art of Brewing at Cushwa: A Symphony of Flavors

At Cushwa Brewing Co., brewing is not just a process, but an artistic endeavor that celebrates the rich tapestry of flavors. Their reputation for New England-style (Hazy) IPAs has made them a standout in the craft beer market, but their mastery goes far beyond. The brewery’s offerings are a testament to their innovative approach, where traditional brewing methods meet creative exploration.


Cushwa Bar Area
Sitting at one of the long communal tables facing the bar area. They do have normal seating for those that want to sit alone or away from others. I always want to be away from others, but since we day drink it was very quiet, LOL.


A unique highlight in their portfolio is the Electrofruit series, a testament to their prowess in crafting kettle sours. These monthly offerings showcase Cushwa's ability to infuse traditional sour beers with imaginative, vibrant flavors, creating a sensory experience that’s both refreshing and unique. The Electrofruit series, along with their other diverse offerings like the robust and flavorful Rambo imperial milk stout, illustrates the breadth of Cushwa’s brewing capabilities. Each beer is a reflection of their commitment to quality, innovation, and a desire to offer a multifaceted beer experience.

They technically don't offer flights but you are able to order 2 small pours at a time. The small pours are like 5-6 ounces if I remember correctly. 

A Hub for the Community 

Cushwa isn’t just a place to enjoy great beer; it’s a community hub. The spacious, light-filled taproom invites visitors to relax and connect. This sense of community extends to collaborations with local businesses, like the successful venture with Rad Pies, offering a delicious pizza experience right inside the brewery and expanding their beverage options to include local wines and ciders reflect their commitment to inclusivity and community engagement. I can attest to Rad Pies! They are pretty darn good and having them glass-cased inside the brewery is the ultimate plus.



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