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Snoqualmie Falls - Twin Peaks in Real Life


Snoqualmie Falls is a spectacular waterfall located on the Snoqualmie River between Snoqualmie and Fall City, Washington, USA. It's one of Washington State's most popular scenic attractions, drawing visitors from around the world. Of course I had to visit here... I'm a Twin Peaks fan after all. I never did find the Black Lodge though.

I first came here years ago as a tourist visiting the Seattle area. We booked a tour van that toted us around to a bunch of wineries and whatnot in Woodinville, like Chateau St. Michelle. Although not anywhere near Woodinville, the tour also went to Snoqualmie to see Snoqualmie Falls! Sort of a Wineries and Waterfalls affair I guess. I'd spend a month doing that.

When we got there our tour guide said "Was anyone a fan of Twin Peaks?". My GF and I meekly put our hands up. Our guide said "Alright, no one? Yeah it was crappy TV show from back in the 90s". Ouch dude. There's literally DOZENS of us. Huge fans!

Snoqualmie Falls and Salish Lodge from above
There's the Great Northern! Just kidding...It's the Salish Lodge and Snoqualmie Falls


Snoqualmie Falls is 268 feet (82 meters) in height and roughly 100 feet (30 meters wide) depending on which point you're referencing.

This puts Snoqualmie Falls as being higher than Niagara Falls, although not as wide! Take that Canada!

Power Plant

Snoqualmie Falls is also known for its hydroelectric power plant, which is built directly into the rock face. I totally didn't know this until researching the falls, pretty cool! The plant has been in operation since the early 20th century and is now owned by Puget Sound Energy. It's an underground power plant, which was constructed to minimize the visual impact on the scenic waterfall. Washington certainly knows how to utilize its water. They dammed up the Columbia River, made Lake Roosevelt, and created one of the biggest hydroelectric generation stations in the world by amount of electricity produced. 

Snoqualmie Falls
Closing in on the falls!

Tourism and Recreation

The falls offer a park with an observation deck and a gift shop, providing spectacular views of the waterfall. Many tourists also visit the Salish Lodge & Spa located at the top of the falls, which offers luxury accommodations and dining with a view of the falls. The falls and the lodge have been featured in various movies and TV shows, most notably the TV series "Twin Peaks", where the lodge was known as the Great Northern.

Trails and Hiking

There are also several trails around the falls, providing opportunities for hiking and enjoying the surrounding natural beauty. The area around the falls is lush and forested, offering a tranquil and refreshing experience for visitors.



Lower Snoqualmie Falls
Snoqualmie Falls from the bottom of the falls!

Environmental Conservation

The area around Snoqualmie Falls is also important for environmental conservation. Efforts have been made to protect and preserve the natural habitat around the falls, including the plants and animals that call this area home.


The falls are easily accessible from Seattle, making it a popular day-trip destination for residents and visitors to the city.

If you plan on visiting, please remember to check for any restrictions or requirements due to ongoing health and safety concerns.


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