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Hidden River Brewing



A View from the bottom at Hidden River Brewing
I'm an old man apparently and got my hand in the picture.... view from the house and deck from the sitting area by the creek.

Hidden River Brewing is a craft brewery and taproom located in Douglassville, Pennsylvania. The brewery is housed in a historic 'haunted' stone building known as the Brinton Lodge dating back to the 1700s.

Brinton Lodge, located in Douglassville, Berks County, is a centuries-old architectural gem with a rich, eclectic history. Situated in the rural area west of Pottstown, Pennsylvania, this structure dates back to the 18th century. Initially a modest farmhouse built by the Millard family—who were among the region's first settlers and bought their land from William Penn—the property has evolved dramatically over the years.

Outdoor waterside seating at Hidden River Brewing

In 1796, ownership transitioned to the Kirlin family. They diversified the property's use by producing ammunition for the War of 1812. During this period, the Schuylkill River Canal was constructed through the land, and there were whispers that the property was a hidden station on the Underground Railroad.

Fast-forward to the early 20th century, the Wittman family, affluent entrepreneurs connected to the iron trade in Philadelphia, took over. They transformed the humble farmhouse into a grand 28-room mansion. Later, in the Prohibition era, Caleb Brinton, a hotel magnate from Reading, turned the mansion into an exclusive men's club, welcoming only the elite and well-known.

Most recently, the site functioned as Covatta's Brinton Lodge Restaurant but has since been converted into Hidden River Brewing Co., a craft brewery and brewpub. Additionally, the venue offers spooky candlelit ghost tours each month, adding yet another layer to its fascinating history. The establishment now stands as a preserved piece of local heritage for the community to explore and enjoy. I can't say we did the haunted ghost tour, but the inside of the place is fascinating. 

I never grabbed a picture but I love the coziness of the different rooms inside the house as well, they don't just have a great outside. Nothing like going there to find out it's not very busy and getting to sit near one of the fireplaces inside!

Hidden River Brewing by the water!
Nothing like a beer by the water outside!

Hidden River derives their name from the nearby Schuykill River, no the water in the picture above is not from the main river, but a small offshoot stream. Schuykill roughly translates to "Hidden River" in Dutch, hence the name! Now you know, because I didn't at first!

Hidden River Brewing is known for their creative and experimental beers, using locally sourced ingredients and unique brewing techniques. They offer a wide range of styles, from traditional Belgian farmhouse ales to modern IPAs, stouts, and sours, but do tend to focus on more hop-forward beers. In such, I'd say...they make some of the best IPAs...specifically hazy IPAs in Pennsylvania. But that's just my

In addition to their beer, Hidden River Brewing also features a taproom that offers a cozy and inviting atmosphere for visitors to enjoy their brews. The taproom has a rustic, farmhouse feel, with a bar made from reclaimed wood, exposed brick walls, and antique furnishings. There is also a cozy outdoor patio area with seating for those who prefer to enjoy their drinks in the fresh air. When its nice out you can sit down by the water as well!

They do have a small food menu and occasionally have food trucks Fridays and Saturdays as well!


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