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Ever Grain Brewing


Oh Ever Grain. My second home. My "Third Place". I'm going to miss you when I move. 

An Ever Grain Brewing Masterpiece
Sitting outside at Ever Grain. As Usual

Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, may seem like any other town on the map, but it harbors a gem that beer aficionados and community members have come to adore: Ever Grain Brewing Co. What started as a big dream for co-founders Norm and Larry has quickly grown into a regional powerhouse for craft beer, emphasizing quality, creativity, and a vibrant sense of community.

Space That Breathes Welcome

As you walk into the spacious 10,000-square-foot taproom, you’re immediately enveloped by an ambiance that combines industrial elements with rustic touches. The grand 75-foot bar invites you to discover an array of beers crafted on-site, allowing you to witness the brewing process in the 20-hectolitre brewhouse that shares the open floor plan. Lights twinkle overhead while German-style picnic tables beckon groups to gather. The innovative design includes garage-style doors, transforming the indoor setting into a breezy, sunlit space when weather permits.

DIPAs DIPAs DIPAs Ever Grain Kills the Game
More outdoor Ever Grain IPAs. Nothing Better.


 An Orchestra of Tastes and Aromas

Ever Grain has solidified its reputation for being a brewer’s playground. Each week unveils a new culinary adventure, expertly crafted in liquid form. From Double IPAs infused with fruity aromas to Sours loaded with flavors reminiscent of dessert, it's an endless exploration of what beer can be. Their fruited sour line, Sorbetto, has gained nationwide interest! Beer fans from the west coast scream online of wanting to try new Sorbetto releases. Here, creativity is the cornerstone of the brewmaster’s approach, constantly redefining the conventional boundaries of craft beer.

I was never a fan of IPAs. Ever Grain changed that. They make insanely good hazy IPAs that allowed me to get into the overall style. Now that I broke wall I love IPAs both hazy and non-hazy westies. Thanks Ever Grain!

Beyond Ingredients: A Commitment to Local Produce

But Ever Grain’s journey doesn’t stop at mere brewing. Their commitment to local, Pennsylvania-grown produce led to the 2019 establishment of "Ever Grain Farms." On this farm, the circle of production is completed as they grow not just hops and grains but also an array of fruits, vegetables, and even honey. They're not merely patrons of local agriculture; they’re active participants.

Barrels as Time Capsules

The tranquility of Ever Grain Farms contrasts with the taproom's buzz, providing a sanctuary for hundreds of wooden barrels. These barrels are a living library of the brewery's innovation, each holding a brew that's maturing into what may well be the next sensation to grace their taps.

Social Catalyst

What stands out is the community ethos that pervades Ever Grain Brewing Co. It’s not just a place for a drink; it’s a place for gatherings, celebrations, corn hole tournaments, and other events that elevate the beer-drinking experience into a holistic community event.

A Living, Breathing Dream

To step into Ever Grain Brewing Co. is to step into a living dream. From Norm and Larry’s initial vision, it has become a community pillar that excels in not just brewing but in creating a communal space, a testament to the power of dreaming big and brewing bigger.

In a nutshell, Ever Grain Brewing Co. is far more than a brewery; it’s an institution that embodies quality, innovation, and the essence of community. It's a canvas where each pint is a stroke of creativity, and each sip is an experience, continually evolving but always rooted in its core values.


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